i can’t bring myself to say “happy monday”… that’s a phrase designed for fridays. anyway, this is a much overdue post about nothing, per usual. somehow, the summer has just about come and gone in a haze of hot & humid & amazingly sunny days. it seems as if conversations have already shifted to football and all sorts of pumpkin¬†concoctions… all of which i am a fan of… but COME ON, savor the summer! i am in desperate need of some sandy feet ASAP. speaking of, we are still planning our permanent escape to charleston, sc – the “plan” has steady been 2014, but i’m hoping for 2013 (: either way, it’s just around the corner and it WILL happen! in other news, i updated my twitter account (active & neglected since 2008). by updated, i mean i deleted my spam tweets, added a background & picture, and followed about 30 celebs… prettttttty exciting.


phat bottom girls…

…we make the rockin’ world go ’round : )

HFS!!!! (holy effing s… blame my friend C for that one) I had THE BEST workout today, thanks to thehautebunny‘s brazilian butt circuit. check it out (advice to my non-existent blog followers)! i am going to be super sore and i can’t wait : ) afterwards, i had a protein snack – some vanilla chobani greek yogurt w/ fresh peaches & bear naked vanilla almond crunch granola – NOM. anyway, if you’ve seen my butt lately, you would know how much i need this workout.

in other news, i co-hosted a friend’s baby shower this weekend & it turned out so cute! the theme was yellow/gray elephants w/ touches of bright blue for baby boy… stay tuned for pics of decor & the mini food : )

knotty girl

may or may not have skipped out of work (literally) after lunch to do some boating w/ my love today : ) i sense a summer trend here… we JUST got said boat last weekend. obsessed. this is a dream come true, and probably a little irresponsible and not affordable buttttttttttt totally worth it! and, i’m out!

work from home wednesday

i wfh on wednesdays & fridays… i would say this gives me more time to blog, but that is not the case with an almost-1-year-old (wait, what?!) in tow and a constant flow of work that actually requires me to wfh. regardless, it is an absolute blessing – especially on days like today when i DO have some free time! i try to take full advantage of the situation by wearing sweats, eating lavishly, sneaking in workouts, and building lego castles while dancing w/ my son to the “hot diggity dog” song (don’t act like you don’t know it).

i have been trying to fit this workout (thanks, pinterest) in every morning, but it’s especially easy to get done on days like today, and it’s such a great way to wake up and get going. i literally do this in my pjs in my bedroom:

wake up workout

on office days, i would proceed to shower (i actually get pretty sweaty from this… good workout or out of shape? hmm), but today i stayed in my sweats and moved on to the lavish eating. a morning workout motivates you to eat healthier throughout the day… just kind of gets you in the healthy mindset. so i had one of my fav breakfasts – egg white, spinach, and feta scramble w/ wheat toast & smashed avocado (does the pic below even do this justice? i think not)… healthy, delish, and filling : ) accompanied by a LARGE cup of coffee (almond milk & splenda).


the challenge is keeping up these habits past 8am…

oh hi!

we’re really doing it, harry! i have been “going to start a blog” for ages, aaaand here i am.

this is really for me… for motivation, inspiration, organization, and lots of other -tions. as a disclaimer, i am a walking contradiction… i mean, starting a blog to motivate me to not spend hours on the computer says it all. ¬†i will correct your spelling and grammar all day, and then write in all lowercase. this blog will likely be about everything and nothing. i am a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, master of none, and i’ve realized how awesome that can be.

i hate posting super personal things on social websites, so hopefully i can maintain some sort of anonymity here… stay tuned for random & inconsistent posts about everything from my sweet family to what i had for lunch and my plan for moving south.

cheers : )